interior of an old house

interior of an old house

The original timber-framed house dating back to the beginning of the 19th century has been in use as a holiday home for the past couple of decades. Since the owners spend an increasing amount of time there and since the last updates took place quite a while ago, it was necessary to update the house to current standards. First of all, a new roof had to be installed. Since it has nearly 750 sq. metres, this was the biggest challenge as well as the greatest upgrade. We selected fiber cement roof tiles in anthracite that correspond well with the old building while being light enough for the sensitive, old roof frame. Next, we needed to deal with the catastrophic state of electricity, opting for new wiring, sockets and switches. In the interior, we installed new bathroom with a storage room and modernized and extended the kitchen. Although the kitchen was moved into the main living room against the original design with separate, black kitchen (changed into storage room), the new arrangement fits the current needs much better. For a long time now, cooking took place on the stove in the main living room, so the storage only retains access to the bread oven. To make cooking more comfortable, we needed to extend the kitchen significantly. In the end, we chose to install a massive wood side board that hides the modern appliances (dishwasher, sink, induction hob etc.). We retained the original wood-stove heating throughout the whole cottage. 

project: 2012
realization: 2013/2014
type of project: interior of an old house
place: Czech republic
photo: Juliana Vlčková